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Professional Development

Create intelligent teams, improve leadership, employee engagement and effectiveness through Systemsinspired Leadership

Professional Development

Organizational and team success, goal achievement and profits largely depend on the quality of leadership, employee engagement and team effectiveness. C-MOMENTUM AS uses a set of various competences, methods, tools and skills to develop successful team leadership, collaboration, employee engagement and cohesion. 

With a strength-based and comprehensive approach, we work with teams and leaders, establishing solid platforms for implementation and future development. 

We customize all our programs based on client specific needs, budget and capacity, and use internationally known resources and products such as RSI@Work, Team Diagnostic and Team Management Profile with Systemsinspired Leadership and Co-Active Coaching at the heart of our work.

These are all recognized resources and products which have shown to give tangible, lasting results for our clients. 

Change and growth happens over time and we don't believe in "quick-fix" methods. However, in some cases the wish and need for a longer lasting process is not compatible with budgets and time.

Shorter and more affordable sessions can also offer great value and help kick-start positive change. 

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As a result of the work with team development through C-MOMENTUM AS, our management team took big steps forward, and I give them my best recommendation

Danica Pensjon
CEO Team Diagnostic™