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Executive Coaching

Developing the Future Leader

Great leaders do not rely solely on their own resources. Their ability to develop leadership and lead in a courageous, effective, empowering and dynamic manner has a direct effect on employee and team performance, productivity, motivation, and in the end - profitability. 

Our Executive Coaching Programs result in greater self-awareness, changed behaviors, improved stakeholder relationships and greater drive.

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Team Leadership Coaching

Maximize the Power of Teams

Teams are the engines that drive successful organizations. A high performing team produces results that individuals simply can’t, acting alone. More than ever, team performance matters. Companies that integrate a systemsinspired leadership model and foster a collaborative work environment have a huge advantage — leaving those that favor dated leadership models behind. 

Teams thrive on excellence and the most successful organizations in the next 20 years will be those that have learned to maximize the power of teams. That’s where the leverage is.

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In-house Team Training

Increase Leadership and Team Performance

As organizations continue to put increased emphasis on team performance, more and more organizations see the value in being able to deliver the methodology with internal expertise. In-house team training is designed for organizations that want to train their OD professionals, HR managers or team leaders on how to create sustainable high-performing teams. 

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Conflict Resolution

Harness Creative Potential

Although frustrating and often time consuming, conflict is an inevitable part of work. Goals and needs clashes, personal dislikes surfaces, misunderstandings gets out of hand. If not handled correctly and in a timely manner teamwork can break down, talents are wasted or people disengage from their work and leave. 

Conflict is none the less not a bad thing. It holds within it the key to new insight and better performance. Using conflict in a constructive manner paves the way for emerging change and increased collaboration, harnessing the creative potential of diversity and perspectives. 

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An Inspired Way Forward

Coaching is a solution and goal-oriented conversational process where the focus is on you, your values, purpose, growth, motivation and success. It is an efficient method for motivated goal achievement, self-development and personal growth. Regardless of position, title, role or life situation, working with a coach is a great way to experience outstanding results. 

Your coach will support, encourage and challenge you along the way, always seeing your best self and magnificence, and never allowing you to play small. 

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Our Tools

Measure Team Conditions · Improve Team Performance · Sustain Team Results

Team Diagnostic™

Most work teams hold huge untapped potential that can be leveraged to increase productivity and positivity for higher return on investment. The Team Diagnostic Tool is a unique model, specific to team effectiveness, measuring 14 success factors related to both positivity and productivity. The focus is on the team as a whole, not the individual members of the team. The Team Diagnostic Tool is customizable to meet specific team requirements. It provides a powerful process to map team development and identify the next steps. This yields an accurate way to benchmark and measure success over time.

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Team Leader View™

This convenient online diagnostic gives team leaders a way to compare their view of the team’s strengths and weaknesses, to a proven model of team effectiveness used by thousands of teams worldwide. The diagnostic also shifts the mindset from leadership of individual performers, to leadership of the team as a whole. In this way the Team Leader View™ is also leadership feedback. For team leaders it is a measure of the impact of their leadership.

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Team 360 View™

In order to grow and develop teams need to know more than their own, internal view of their performance. Teams need the external view from the people whose opinions matter and are most affected. It is also extremely rare and often very difficult to get honest, specific feedback - especially for senior management teams. Too often the feedback is cautious, vague or simply “nice”. Using the Team 360 View™, your team can now receive clear, specific feedback from an anonymous survey of selected stakeholders. The Team 360 View™ gives you measurable feedback that will point the way to better team performance.

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Organization View™

To perform at a high level in a sustainable way means being strong in the competencies that are required to perform the necessary functions, and, in a culture that supports and sustains individuals and collaboration. How “healthy” an organization is in this regard is often hidden. Now there is a way to measure both. The Organization View™ provides measurement from the two essential dimensions: the health of the culture and the capability of the organization to be productive. The Organization View™ diagnostic delivers a comprehensive picture of the state of the organization’s strengths drawn by the people who know best: the people who work here every day.

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